Business sector: Banks

Expertise: Software editing


Countries: France

Year: Since 2014

The context & challenges

Front Office application: simulation module and financing file assembly for salespeople and business providers and pricing management Middle office: File processing, electronic document management with a study workflow Client Area: communication space with the Client for the submission of documents and file follow-up activities



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  • Develop a multi-platform application (Web/Android/IOS), which manages several financial products (LOA/CREDIT/…) and which allows salespeople to create (print/email or transfer to the agency) commercial proposals
  • Respect the bank’s commercial policy by inheriting the parameters integrated in the back office
  • Implementation of an electronic document management space to retrieve client documents, study them and manage their compliance
  • Implementation of an appraisal workflow to monitor the progress of files being assessed
  • Implementation of a self-care area dedicated to customers, which allows them to submit the documents required to complete their financing applications and to monitor their progress.


  • A multi-platform, multi-profile solution that manages several financial products, adopted by more than 1500 users

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