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Franck Jacovlev


«Our digital platform “WeLeaf”, Software as a Service (SaaS), aims to respond to the challenges faced by major industrial groups and their captive finance companies when adapting to new modes of automobile use».

«Our technological innovation skills can support the major changes to be made to information systems to ensure they are capable of dealing with  new distribution methods».

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In a highly competitive environment, we support our client-partners in their digital transformation through our digital solutions via the Teamwill Digital Platform.

Our WeLeaf Saas digital platform aims to address distribution and financing issues and covers the entire client journey, involving the following processes:

  • WeQuote : proposal phase
  • WeStudy : analysis of the funding application
  • WeOrder : managing the dematerialisation and delivery process
  • WeLearn : eLearning solution to support users through the digital transformation process.

Financing/Quotation Simulation

Our digital solution, WeQuote, is a simulation solution used to put together leasing and credit applications.

It is dedicated to automotive captives and specialised financing companies, through B2B or B2C.

we quote

Loan & Lease origination and underwriting

  • Complex financial engine
  • Management of benefits with or without funding
  • Complex calculation of commission: supplier, contributor, ..
  • Editing the proposal
  • Digital and biometric authentication
  • Digital identity management
  • Open banking
  • Multi-device client offer

Credit analysis/underwriting

Our digital solution WeStudy is Teamwill Digital Platform’s middle solution. It enables the assessment of loan applications.

  • Internal or external pre-scoring and scoring solution
  • Management of the completeness and conformity of the file
  • Delegated decision scheme
  • Contractual edition
  • Management of electronic and biometric signatures
  • Analysis of the financing file
we study


Our digital solution WeOrder aims to digitalise the order and delivery process within a distribution network (car dealer, boat, truck…)

we order

Order to delivery

Meeting the challenges of a distribution network by refocusing the network players on their core business through:

  • Digitisation, storing and sharing documents related to the financing of the property and its delivery
  • Monitoring the delivery process and measuring client satisfaction
  • Leading and steering sales, and the profitability and calculation of related sales commissions

And integrating the network in a digital organisation which aims to:

  • Standardise the company’s processes and organisation
  • Centralise all or part of the functions
  • Work remotely and manage key dealership processes including delivery

Our e-learning platform

Our digital training solution WeLearn aims to speed up change management.

Learning Management System

  • Web and mobile solution that has been continuously evolving for 15 years, in line with the needs expressed by our clients in the Banking & Automotive sectors
  • Managing learning paths and SCORM modules
  • Planning of face-to-face sessions and virtual classes
  • Generating training certificates
  • Managing the distribution/staff network
  • Personalised reporting to monitor learners’ progress
  • Communication tool: managing email campaigns and reminders
  • Team expertise to support clients in the use and deployment of the solution until they are fully independent.
we learn

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