teamwill,Managed services

Scalable and flexible services to optimize productivity

Our vision

With the emergence of new IT approaches and new market needs, constraints and requirements, competitiveness and performance are at the heart of companies' concerns.

The outsourcing of the Information System is one of the answers to face this changing market. Our business expertise combined with our knowledge of the main software packages on the market enables us to significantly pool certain activities and generate significant savings for our clients.

We guarantee the quality of the service provided thanks to the advice and support of our experts, represented in monitoring dashboards.

Fields of intervention


We help you to choose the best services adapted to your needs and challenges in order to increase your productivity and performance. Assist you in measuring and calculating Service Levels

User Support

Real-time access to functional and technical experts to reactively deal with user requests. Ensure the responsibility and the charge of the good application of the contracts with each of your editors.

Third-party application maintenance

Maintaining the IS in operational condition. Third Party Application Maintenance on site or outsourced with experienced teams. Diagnosis of all anomalies or evolutions and follow up the transition to production and aftercare

Production monitoring

Monitoring the proper execution of the Batch chain. Diagnosis of the origin of production incidents in order to correct them at the source. Restart processing after data correction and recovery. Daily monitoring of production weather.